Scheduled Release: Sunday 19th of May @ 9:00am CDT

UPDATE (2013-05-19 10:25am CDT): Scheduled software release was completed successfully with no observed customer impact.

We are pleased to announce that our infrastructure upgrade that took place on Sunday the 12th of May was a success with negligible customer disruption. We are already seeing significant improvements to performance and the customer experience.

As part of our continuing improvements we will be releasing a software update to our server-side infrastructure on Sunday, 19th May at 9.00am CDT.

We have scheduled this release for a 2-hour window. Customers may experience short periods of instability where the Jungle Disk client will be unable to connect to the infrastructure, however we expect the actual time that customers are impacted to be minimal. If severe customer disruption exceeds 10 minutes we’ll initiate rollback procedures. As part of our plan, we will do everything possible to minimize disruption to your services.

We will provide status updates throughout the release on our Support Site and via Twitter. If you have any support questions please email or go to our Support Site to Chat or submit a ticket. Please direct any feedback to

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this release may cause and appreciate your patience as we work to improve Jungle Disk’s services.

Best regards,
The Jungle Disk Team

P.S. In addition, the Jungle Disk team is working on updates to the client software that we are looking to release in the coming months. Stay tuned.

P.P.S Don’t forget, we’re available via Live Chat. Login to the Support Site to start chatting now!

  • claykin

    Congratulations. Happy JD user VERY much looking forward to a client upgrade…. Did I say VERY?

  • Jin Ho Kim

    Got a band new Windows 8 laptop, and tried to install Desktop edition 64-bit. Bumped into “…setup wizard ended prematurely because of an error” dozens of time. Shame on JD, really.

  • amandajd

    Thank you for the positive feedback Claykin! We will be working on a new Windows agent here soon and will post updates as they become available.

  • amandajd

    I’m sorry to hear that you are having problems installing Jungle Disk on your new laptop Jin. I see that you tried to chat with us but our representatives were all busy at the time. We have someone available now for you if you would like to start a chat, we’d be happy to assist.

  • Marco

    Please make sure that the new version includes the mapped drive option; not some WebDav implementation. That is one of the key benefits of the current client that we have not found an alternative for; not all applications recognize WebDav as a local disk while a JD Drive does.
    VERY Much looking forward to an updated client also though and more importantly current support / updates :D.

  • amandajd


    Our current version of Workgroup and Desktop editions do include the mapped drive option and that is a feature we have no plans of getting rid of.