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Server Edition 3.18 Test Results – 54% Speed Increase for Backup Search

First off, Happy New Year, everyone! We at Jungle Disk had a great holiday season and hope it was the same for you and yours.

About a month ago, I wrote about the release of version 3.18 of the Jungle Disk Server Edition software. After a month of having it out in the wild, we’re very pleased with the rate of adoption for both new and upgrading installs. As I mentioned in my previous post, I wanted to follow up with some reports on performance of the new version of the client. With the help of Tom Welch, our Senior Systems Engineer, we’ve put together an analysis of our tests and crunched some numbers around the success rates of our customers’ backups.

Before I dig into the details of our analysis, let’s go over how we performed our testing. We performed the following tests:

  • We used each version of Jungle Disk Server Edition (3.16 & 3.18), and to best emulate the use of our customers, we performed three different runs of a backup:
    • a “first” run where all data gets uploaded
    • an incremental run where file/folder modifications upload changed portions of files
    • another incremental run where data is deleted or removed from the backup set
  • The data selected for backup was identical for all testing.
    • 30+ GB of MS SQL Backups
    • 30+ GB of basic office-type documents and files (.docx, .pdf, .xlsx, .pptx)
    • 20+ GB of compressed log files from our webservers
    • Further, we ran 3 restore/recovery jobs on each version.  For each restore, we selected a folder with 11 GB of files.
  • To perform these tests, we used a windows server in our infrastructure that is already provisioned for backups.


Here’s what we found from our tests:

  • “First run” backups completed 6.75% faster using 3.18 (2h 46min vs. 2h 58min). Most notable here is the point at which we saw the greatest gains in speed, the “search” phase of the backup. For this phase of the backup, we saw 3.18 have speed improvements of up to 54% (17sec vs 37sec)!! This phase of the backup ONLY takes place on the computer/server being backed up, so seeing improvement here means lower resource consumption by the Jungle Disk client!
  • Incremental backups completed 5.5% faster using 3.18 (29min 14sec vs. 30min 57sec).
  • Restoring from a backup completed up to 9% faster using 3.18 (54min 46sec vs. 1h 15 sec).

Further, after examining some of the data that the client records and sends to our database, I was able to run some calculations on the rate of success for our customers’ backup jobs. Being a bit a nerd about data and statistics, I dug into the data I was able to collect and found some very interesting numbers.

  • In 2015, backups succeeded 96.99% of the time.
  • In 2015, customers ran over 10 billion backups on over 140 billion files

We also looked at the success of Server Edition backups over the previous 14 days and we were able to improve the quality again..

  • Customers using 3.16 Server Edition had a success rate of 96%
  • Customers using 3.18 Server Edition had as success rate of just under 97%

I’ve got to say, I’m extremely pleased and excited with these statistics! Being in the business of protecting people’s data, reliability and speed are two of the most important things for a customer, and we’ve absolutely improved every aspect of your experience with version 3.18 of Jungle Disk Server Edition.

Introducing Jungle Disk Server Edition version 3.18 for Windows

As this is my first post on the Jungle Disk blog, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Wes Dunn (some may know me as JungleWes), and I’m Jungle Disk’s Product Manager. I’ve been on the Jungle Disk team for about 2 years and have spent much of that time on the support floor, so I’ve likely interacted with many of you before! I moved into Product Management for Jungle Disk earlier this year and have been loving the role.

Now onto the announcement as I’m extremely excited to introduce Jungle Disk Server Edition version 3.18 for Windows. If you’re not familiar with Jungle Disk Server Edition, it offers simple, secure server backups with advanced compression and de-duplication to speed backups and minimize storage use.

If you follow the blog (or just skip back a few posts), you’ll see that late last year we released version 3.17 as a beta test for our Windows software clients. Through our beta we tested it ourselves, we engaged with beta testing customers, and we engaged a third party testing service for additional validation.

What’s new in Server 3.18?

3.18 is an incremental update. We’ve modernized back end libraries that the Jungle Disk client software depends upon, and we’ve increased both stability and performance over 3.16 (our current version).

How does this make the app better, you ask? Well, just in our own internal testing, our server backups now complete in less time and encounter fewer errors and failures when compared to performance in version 3.16. We’ll follow this blog post with another that offers greater detail on what we’ve observed. Beyond the nuts and bolts, there’s not been any changes to the look and feel of the application besides updating the logos/branding to match the “cloud & lock” logo we introduced back in April 2014. We look forward to our Server Edition users to see a bump in performance and reliability with their Jungle Disk backups.

How can I update to Server 3.18?

If you’re already a Jungle Disk Server Edition customer, we’ve updated our download links in the Control Panel and included some release notes. You’ll simply need to uninstall the existing software, download the new installer package in the Control Panel, and install the software on your servers/computers; no need to reconfigure your backups or re-verify servers!  Remember, Server Edition has two pieces, a “Management Client” for managing the backup, and the Server Edition “agent” that runs on the server you’re backing up. So, be sure to download both pieces of the app. To make sure this is an easy transition, we’ve created a great support guide to walk you through the process of updating to Server Edition 3.18. Click here to be taken to the article at our Support help center. If you need any other assistance with the upgrade, you can reach out to our expert support team through Chat, Phone, or a Ticket at

What about the other Jungle Disk clients?

We’re still hard at work getting Jungle Disk Desktop and Workgroup ready for prime-time. In our quality assurance and internal testing, we encountered a few issues we want to resolve before delivering the new version. Our goal is to be absolutely confident in the quality of software we deliver to our customers, and we still have some work to do to meet these quality standards. Please keep checking the blog, as this will be the best place for more information about the software.

UPDATE (12/3/15 8:40 PM CST): as one comment has highlighted, this release is only available for 64-bit systems. 

Love is in the air…

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
First was windows in beta,
And now Linux too!

At this time we are looking for customers who are willing to actively participate in the beta process by running the new clients and providing feedback. If you are interested, please click here to submit a ticket letting us know. Create the ticket with the subject, Private Linux Beta.

Holiday Surprise from Jungle Disk

HO HO HO from Jungle Disk,

Let me first start off by introducing myself. I am Jeremy, your new twister of bits, I mean developer. I have been working in the data protection domain for the last 15 years. I am a polyglot and intent on modernizing the Jungle Disk code base with a focus on reliability and resiliency.

I am coming to you in this holiday season of giving, bearing gifts. We are now starting a limited beta of Windows x64 clients for server and Workgroup accounts. At this time we are looking for customers who are willing to actively participate in the beta process by running the new clients and providing feedback. If you are interested, please fill out this survey to be invited.

Expect to see more updates as we try to turn Jungle Disk back into the product you fell in love with…Up next, Linux clients.

Jungle Jeremy

Our iOS app is ready for primetime!

Apple advocates, did you see the blog post about the Android app and wonder when it was your turn to play with our new app on your iPhone or iPad? If so, today is your lucky day!

We took the lessons learned from the Android app, added some great new features and made accessing and sharing files on your Network drive easier.

Our new app increases your productivity on the go; you can open files, edit them, re-upload, share, rename, delete, airdrop and much more. We built the app with security and performance in mind. It uses additional pin authentication and also allows you to store files locally to access when your Wi-Fi or cell coverage may be unavailable.

Download the newest version today and let us know your feedback on our mobile community forum.

Your Jungle Disk Team

We now have an Android app!

What’s the saying, better late then never? I am pleased to share that we just launched one of our highest requested new products out of beta today!

The new app is built with security in mind and keeps everything on your network drive encrypted until you need it. We built it with ease of use in mind and made it easy to share, download, rename and delete your files on the go.

For all our iOS users out there, we are really close to completing development of our brand new iOS app to be released this summer!

Our app is a work in progress and we would love to hear your Feedback as we prioritize new features and build out the app.

Have a Lifetime subscription? Ensure you have enabled Plus access before attempting to log into the app.
If you have any additional questions please check out our Support Site.

Thanks for your loyalty!

Your Jungle Disk Team