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Screen Sharing

The Lowdown

For the past couple of months, we’ve been trying to find good solutions for overcoming barriers we’ve encountered in delivering great support.

Jungle Disk can be pretty technical and somewhat difficult to learn at first, but it’s been our pleasure to teach you how our software works and help you adjust its settings to take full advantage of everything our services have to offer.

So in an effort to provide the very best guidance and training, we’re happy to announce that we now have a screen-sharing/remote support solution that meets all of our requirements. We’ve helped with a couple dozen of you in this new tool and it has improved the overall support experience dramatically.

How does it work?

Simply get in contact with us by phone (currently our phone services are in a beta, but you can chat in and we’ll be happy to call if we have someone available). Once we’re talking with you over the phone, you can suggest to share your screen, or we might suggest it if we believe it will help and you’re comfortable doing so.

You would then be instructed to go to and the technician on the phone will start up a meeting and will provide you with a Meeting ID. You would then type in the Meeting ID and will be taken through a brief setup process within (you’ll be automatically redirected).

You mentioned phone.. but didn’t bring up chat. Can we do screen sharing in chat?

We’ve tried this before and the experience didn’t really seem that great to be honest. We can be chatting with multiple customers at a time (usually we chat with up to 3, but some techs are comfortable with up to 4), so the kind of focus/guidance usually expected with screen sharing sessions may not be as good of an experience while on chat.

We would recommend holding off on screen sharing until you’re able to speak with one of us over the phone. If you do receive this kind of support while on a chat, we ask that you keep the information above in mind and come in expecting some amount of delay between replies. Thanks!

Will this install anything to my computer?

Yes, a small “GoToMeeting” client-end package will be downloaded and installed. In some situations, this will be installed automatically, but in others, your browser will present you with the steps necessary to complete the setup.

Are all computers supported?

Windows and Macs are supported, but we’re sorry to say that Linux is not. If you’re using Linux and have questions, we can still discuss your situation over the phone or in chat (just like we’ve done to up to this point) and you can email screenshots to while on the call or in chat if necessary.

I’m not sure this is a good idea. I don’t want anyone messing up my computer!

That’s right, and neither do we! Even though we’re all well trained, the possibility that a mistake can occur is not comforting.

So with this approach, we made sure that technicians have absolutely no access to control your computer’s keyboard or mouse. We can only view what’s on your screen and have no ability to make any changes to your computer, its settings, etc.

So what’s the point if you can’t control my computer?

This tool gives us the opportunity to provide you with contextual support. This means that if you explain your goal and connect with us, you can simply say “What should I do next?” to be guided from start to finish in achieving this goal.

Being able to see what you see can heavily benefit both of us :)

Do you have any other questions for us? We’ll be happy to address them!

  • Michael Russo

    Thanks for continuing to work on support. However I think we’d all rather have you working on a new version of the client, especially one that does proper VSS snapshot backups.

    • junglejonathan

      Hey Michael :)

      Thanks for your reply!

      We’re wanting a new version of the Jungle Disk application as soon as possible also. Nobody involved in this announcement or its preparation was a developer – it was something handled entirely by the Jungle Disk support team (of which I’m a member of).

      We do plan on having more information about development and the new version of Jungle Disk later this year, but don’t have anything to add at this time.

      Regarding your VSS snapshot reference, though.. we haven’t seen anyone with trouble in this area. Please submit a ticket to us at or with your error details and we’ll be happy to look into this with you in more detail :)

      • arondeparon

        Just a short question: I see two comments that refer to “later this year” and “by the end of this year”, but we are now 3 months into 2014 and I have not seen an update, or any kind of statement yet.

        Could you please provide us with some clarity?

        • junglejonathan

          Hello Aron!

          I have something I want to post to you, but am running it by management first for approval. I should have the update for you later today.

          • Aaron Roydhouse

            Hi Jonathan, that is terrible news that a new Windows version will be released without the Mac and Linux versions.

            A critical differentiator for JungleDisk is the multi-platform support. Thanks to the Java client, JD has been able to have a uniform client code base across platforms. If JungleDisk, as it appears, has becomes Windows-first, then why would anyone stay with JD versus other providers?

            This also makes it clear they has been zero work done the Linux server client – for several years now. And after over a year in development of this all-new great version, the Linux version hasn’t just missed it launch date, it hasn’t even started. Worse, after over a year in development this Windows-only update has not been finished.

            (‘Coming later once X is done’ is what JD said about the Android client in 2010. And that still hasn’t happened, in fact JD gave up on it.)

            I had already started switching to CrashPlan in 2012 and was dissuaded only by Huw’s appearance and apology and promises in Nov 2012. Now he has left with no promised fulfilled. Tamara (who I hadn’t heard about) has arrived and still delivered nothing but more support channels for customers to tell you how little you are doing.

            And the big joke is we don’t even want a new version of JungleDisk, with new bugs and problems, we want some continued development of the the existing version. Or at least to open source it so the community can support itself.

            Reading comments and support entries, customers keep telling you want we want. Why do you keep doing something else?

            Bottom line is I will not switch to any new JungleDisk version for Windows unless there is a matching Mac and Linux client. If you try to force me to upgrade just Windows, I will switch everything to CrashPlan.

          • tamarahummel


            You are right, we have absolutely had some challenges the past few years that have been disappointing for the team and most importantly our customers. In 2013 Rackspace made a renewed commitment to investment in the team. Promises were made and leaders have since left the company. However; we have added many people, including one of the original developers, and still have open reqs on the development side. We are actively working on the Android app and the Beta announcement will go out in the next few weeks to ask for volunteers to start testing and providing feedback.

            In terms of the client, there is a uniform code part to each client and there are installers & wrappers based on the OS. As a dev effort, we have to start on one of these operating systems first. Based on our customer base we are tackling the Windows client first. There are two schools of thought, one to develop them all and release all at once, or another focused on a staggered release as each one is completed. I have made the call to release whatever we have as soon as it is tested and ready, and I take full responsibility knowing this may upset some customers while delighting others.

            I joined the group in late October and there are a lot of efforts in motion and I am not publically communicating them until we are really close to launching. I’m approaching it this way because Jungle Disk has lost its credibility due to making promises it has not kept. I am happy to have a phone conversation with you if you want more details. I know this has been frustrating, I myself have been a customer since 2008, and I am fully committed to turning this around.

            I can tell you we are absolutely working on things and 2014 is going to be good. I really hope you stick around long enough to see the changes but can understand if you choose to go to a competitor. If you want to chat on the phone feel free to call me.

            Tamara Hummel

          • Aaron Roydhouse

            Thanks for taking the time to reply Tamara.

            I acknowledge the many years on neglect, the “road ahead” promises of 2010, Huw’s promises of 2012, and now your assurances that something is happening in 2014, is an inherited situation. I understand not making promises, but there is also a lack of transparency and consultation on what is happening.

            I think I have been a customer since pre-rackspace yet I’ve had no opportunity for input into the features on your new developments. There is no ‘developer diary’ or alpha access or opportunity to feedback directly to developers. Developers have always been both scarce and deeply hidden behind support; I wonder if they actually know what your customers want.

            We have waited 5-6 years for this update and I am fearful that when it comes out I won’t like it; that the feature priorities will be screwed up, and that as a business customer JD will no longer provide what we need for our mixed Windows and Linux server environments.

            Many organizations are managing a mixed on Windows and Linux servers. And while there are many good cloud backup options for both platforms, there are only a few that provide a uniform storage format and management interface for backup/restore across both platforms. To be fair, JD is not so great that it can do without that market differentiator.

            I worry that JD will instead try to make ground with the file-sharing customers that Dropbox/Drive/Skydrive/SugarSync and others hovered up with JD was sleeping, instead
            of targeting the business customer and extending to back-up of cloud services.

            Taking on the less saturated Backupify and Spanning market is much more likely to be successful, at this stage in the market, rather than trying to switch someone from Dropbox to JD. But there have been signs, like the iPhone app features, that suggest JD is not thinking the same way. And I am guessing the Android client, instead of focusing on backing up the many-GB contents of a modern phone/tablet, will instead try to be yet another file sharing/syncing/remote-access app; That was a great idea for a new product in 2009 (when I suggested it as a JD feature request in the support forums :-), but not now.

            Meanwhile what happened in 2013 was unimportant and unnecessary improvements in support, when they only thing that support was doing was fielding repeat reports of the bugs in the currently clients that are not being fixed. One bug-fix release by Marty for the current clients, with no new features, would be far more welcome to me than this new Windows client or any amount of new support options.

            Thanks for your words, but I remain deeply concerned that both nothing (important) has happened in so many years, and what might happen in 2014 I won’t like!

            Lastly, a side note: security is in focus more than ever these days. Since you are new, I am not sure if you are aware of the security and data integrity problems with JD reported here in 2011? Even if you disagree with the author’s analysis, I think you should respond; every potential new JD customer researching JD for reviews no doubt finds this.


          • tamarahummel

            Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I believe customers still care if they are willing to give feedback, when they don’t a business is in trouble, so thank you.

            The Jungle Disk business has a current message that tries to target businesses and personal accounts, syncing, collaboration and backup. I have done a lot of research on the competitive market and advantage Jungle Disk has, because of that research I agree with you that we should focus our efforts on the backup space, not on the collaboration/file store space with the likes of Google and Drop box. We had a chance a few years ago to stay competitive, but that bridge has sailed :) I am working on a simplification of our message and product set that will be announced shortly via this blog to support these focused efforts.

            Our competitive advantage is our ability to support various operating systems and devices in a uniform storage format, and that is something we will continue to invest in. The Android App is very close to a beta release, if you have an Android I would love for you to be involved in the beta. We will take the feedback from that beta and start working on the version 1.5 with enhanced capabilities. The first version is a good starting place, but I really want users to have it and play with it to help us develop the road map of new features, which I agree should allow users to select files from their device and upload them into their JD backup environment.

            There were two main areas of customer dissatisfaction, support and lack of updates. The lack of support was causing a lot of negativity and something we invested in. When I look at the business it is not a one or the other; in my opinion, it’s both. If you want to invest in your product you have to invest in the product set and the support side. The support team had been neglected and our staffing and new channels has improved things significantly. We started to make investments on BOTH development and support, the support you can feel more quickly and they are easier to hire, the dev takes a bit longer to find the right skill set and additional time to learn the code before they can effectively push change.

            To your last point, I have read the link to the security analysis and we have made some changes on our end. We are less vocal about these changes because we don’t want to put a target on our business. I do not feel the need to respond to his blog, it is very old and the guy is trying to market his product. If it were a credible unbiased source I may feel differently.

            Thank you again for your feedback and please feel free to call me if you want to chat in more detail,


          • Aaron Roydhouse

            Ok, we have a different view on JD support. I’ve always found the support channel responsive, they reply to my issues, and once they exhaust their cookbook of why it might be my fault, they occasionally even agreed the product is at fault, or say they’ll pass the issue onto the (IMHO mythical :-) developers.

            No action resulted then, and now we have more support options, but still no (visible) action.

            I hope that one day this will change and an updated Linux and Windows server agent with a good server manager UI appears from behind the curtain.

            And I will certainly try the Android phone/tablet client if it supports back-up with client-side encryption.

          • arondeparon


            To be quite honest: the only reason why I am not using CrashPlan is that they do not offer international business licenses yet.

            Everything is summarized in Aaron’s words:

            “Reading comments and support entries, customers keep telling you want we want. Why do you keep doing something else?”

      • sottolaw

        Jungledisk needs to be updated to work smoothly with OSX Mavericks.

        • junglejonathan

          Agreed: Jungle Disk is being worked on currently for Windows and we’ll turn our attention to Mac and Linux as soon as we’re done with this initial Windows update.

    • arondeparon

      Just wanted to put some extra emphasis on this as well. To be quite honest, I don’t think there is much community buzz around wanting more support. While everyone keeps asking for more clarity and an improved client, we keep seeing blog posts themed “Yay, yet another support feature!”. I appreciate your efforts, but I think you’re missing what people *really* want here.

      • junglejonathan

        Hello Aron!

        Thanks for your feedback and interest :)
        What we’ve found is that most of our customers wanted 2 things primarily:

        1. Better, more available support with more ways to communicate (Jungle Disk used to be ticket/email-only support, like many other online storage/backup companies).

        2. Update to the Jungle Disk software to take care of bugs, fresh coat of paint, and new features.

        We’re working on both of these simultaneously right now and Jungle Disk’s support-side has been a little more agile since developing software is not a fast process (especially if you want to do things right).

        As we’ve explained in other blog posts, our developer came onboard around July, but our new support team has been here since just before January. Because of this, we’ve had more time to prepare and address the support-based requests and have been very happy with the feedback we’ve received!

        Updating the Jungle Disk software is a process that’s still ongoing and we’ve already made significant changes in the way things work on the back-end (increased stability, replaced large parts of the infrastructure, and are also working on expanding to other parts of the country).

        The front-end (client-side application) is also being worked on currently and we expect to have an update to it around the end of this year.

  • Don

    How can I get conformation that my account is cancelled and my credit card will no longer be billed?