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Love is in the air…

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
First was windows in beta,
And now Linux too!

At this time we are looking for customers who are willing to actively participate in the beta process by running the new clients and providing feedback. If you are interested, please click here to submit a ticket letting us know. Create the ticket with the subject, Private Linux Beta.

Holiday Surprise from Jungle Disk

HO HO HO from Jungle Disk,

Let me first start off by introducing myself. I am Jeremy, your new twister of bits, I mean developer. I have been working in the data protection domain for the last 15 years. I am a polyglot and intent on modernizing the Jungle Disk code base with a focus on reliability and resiliency.

I am coming to you in this holiday season of giving, bearing gifts. We are now starting a limited beta of Windows x64 clients for server and Workgroup accounts. At this time we are looking for customers who are willing to actively participate in the beta process by running the new clients and providing feedback. If you are interested, please fill out this survey to be invited.

Expect to see more updates as we try to turn Jungle Disk back into the product you fell in love with…Up next, Linux clients.

Jungle Jeremy

Our iOS app is ready for primetime!

Apple advocates, did you see the blog post about the Android app and wonder when it was your turn to play with our new app on your iPhone or iPad? If so, today is your lucky day!

We took the lessons learned from the Android app, added some great new features and made accessing and sharing files on your Network drive easier.

Our new app increases your productivity on the go; you can open files, edit them, re-upload, share, rename, delete, airdrop and much more. We built the app with security and performance in mind. It uses additional pin authentication and also allows you to store files locally to access when your Wi-Fi or cell coverage may be unavailable.

Download the newest version today and let us know your feedback on our mobile community forum.

Your Jungle Disk Team

We now have an Android app!

What’s the saying, better late then never? I am pleased to share that we just launched one of our highest requested new products out of beta today!

The new app is built with security in mind and keeps everything on your network drive encrypted until you need it. We built it with ease of use in mind and made it easy to share, download, rename and delete your files on the go.

For all our iOS users out there, we are really close to completing development of our brand new iOS app to be released this summer!

Our app is a work in progress and we would love to hear your Feedback as we prioritize new features and build out the app.

Have a Lifetime subscription? Ensure you have enabled Plus access before attempting to log into the app.
If you have any additional questions please check out our Support Site.

Thanks for your loyalty!

Your Jungle Disk Team

Calling All Android Users

Do you enjoy exploring new technologies and giving feedback?
Do you use an Android OS?
Do you use our Jungle Disk’s Workgroup or Desktop editions?
We (Jungle Disk) are looking for volunteers to test out, provide feedback for, and groom features on our new mobile app! If you answered ‘yes’ to the questions above, you may be a great fit for our Android Advisory Council!
If you’re interested in being a part of the team that gets early access and helps decide the future of Jungle Disk’s mobile efforts, please fill out this short survey:   
Hurry! It’s first-come, first-served!
Jungle Tamara

Stirring in the Jungle

Jungle Disk is so glad to have 2013 in the books…lessons learned and finally, we are making progress! First off, let me introduce myself, Tamara Hummel, GM of Jungle Disk, a 9-year Racker who joined the Jungle Disk team in the fall.

Since joining the team I have been asked multiple times what are we up to? I have delayed posting a huge blog until we had real news to share…results over promises is my motto. Some of you may go to our Support Site or Website and notice it looks a little different. We have done a refresh of the brand, simplified our products, and purged a lot of old code along the way.

You may be asking…Where is my new client? Great question and one I ask the team often! Promises were made last year; unfortunately leadership of the team left and the mission was not followed through. We have hired new devs, brought back an original Jungle developer, and they are actively working on them.  We are still looking for a really strong C++ dev, if you know any send them my way!  The client software is the heart of Jungle Disk and we have to get it right.

What have we been doing? Another great question. We have replaced a large amount of our infrastructure updating code, monitoring, and binary. Did you know at one point we were getting multiple monitoring alerts a week and it has now been 80 days…that’s right….80 days since the last alert! I love my Devops Team =) Keep an eye out for a blog update with more details from our DevOps lead Jungle Trey in the coming weeks!

We are nearing the end of our Android Mobile App development and just starting the new iOS app. We have a few sprints left for the Android App and will be releasing it to Google Play. I will send out another blog soon asking for volunteers to join our Android App Advisory council; they will get a sneak peak at the app and be involved in shaping the new features for next releases.

The one thing that gets me excited is our customers and 2014 is going to be a year where we have a chance to delight!

Thank you for your loyalty!

Jungle Tamara