Live Chat Support Beta now available to everyone!

Our first week of Live Chat with our invited list of beta testers has gone well and we’re excited to roll out the beta program for Live Chat Support to all customers! We reserve the right to pause the beta program at any time if we are unable to fanatically support the live chat volume. Please bear with us as we get to grips with the anticipated load.

You can access Live Chat by logging into your support account at

Currently, Live Chat is available Monday-Friday 8am-4pm CST.

Note: If we are outside chat hours or are already taking the maximum number of chats, your support request will automatically be created into a ticket for you and we will address your ticket as soon as possible.

As mentioned in our earlier post this is a premium service that we will be charging extra for but given this is a new support channel we are offering a free beta in order to get an understanding of how to support customers well.

We are continually working to improve the support experience for customers including increasing our staffing levels and adjusting our support coverage to better manage support requests. We aren’t going to get it right first time so we appreciate your patience and we encourage you to share your feedback, good and bad, with us at


Huw Edwards

General Manager, Jungle Disk


  • claykin

    Huw and crew, just want to say awesome. Please be certain to not water down your existing and legacy support offerings to try to coax users into “paid” support options. And, please update us on the status of future JD software updates…

  • Michelle Sheehan

    I only wish someone would have told us that you no longer did 24/7 support. I am sitting at my office with work to do and my drive has disappeared. Tried to call was on hold for 22 minutes and no one came on. Urg. So here I am with a late project on my hands.

    • junglejonathan

      Hello Michelle,
      I’m sorry to hear you had trouble with this :(

      It also seems that there was a misunderstanding here.. Jungle Disk has never been able to provide 24/7 support and we are just now (since this blog post) being able to provide dedicated phone-based support on a per-request basis for the first time.

      We also have chat support during those hours and we *do* have ticket-based support available 24/7 (and usually have at least 1 tech working during the night).

      Eventually, we do want to be able to provide 24/7 phones and chats as well, but we’re not able to do so yet since we’re a small, but dedicated team.

      We’re growing, though, and are hoping that within the next year or two, this is something we’ll be able to provide :)